October 16, 2023

Future launches Future Context for advertisers

Future, the global leader in specialist media, announces the launch of Future Context, its intelligent contextual targeting solution for advertisers.

Future Context is Future’s proprietary contextual targeting tool uniquely integrated within its CMS platform, Vanilla. With a new article published every 2 seconds, Future’s integration of its contextual solution within its CMS ensures that every word of every page is efficiently analyzed and categorized, making content instantly targetable for advertisers.

Upgraded contextual targeting solution 

Future has upgraded its intelligent in-house contextual solution using natural language processing and machine learning techniques. With Future Context, advertisers can be sure that every campaign impression is accurately targeted, content is immediately targetable and they get access to more granular audience targeting without hindering reach.

Future Context is the next step in Future’s innovative approach of providing advertisers with powerful new tools to reach digital audiences. Future was one of the world’s first leading publishers to introduce effective first-party data audience targeting for advertisers with its intelligent Audience Data Platform, Aperture. Aperture has been invaluable for advertisers wanting to reach digital audiences while preparing for a more privacy-focused digital future and has grown exponentially since its launch, with one in five ad impressions now targeted via Aperture.


Zack Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer at Future commented, “We’ve upgraded Future’s contextual targeting to offer advertisers greater efficiency. We see ‘time-to-target’ as critical, especially during the upcoming peak retail season. We know from our audience behavior trends that consumers are spending more time researching very specific products in the run-up to Black Friday. With Future Context, our pages become instantly targetable and advertisers can reach shoppers as they research and browse our expert product reviews.”

Sullivan continued, “With the deadline for the depreciation of third-party cookies across Chrome fast approaching, agencies and advertisers are going to struggle to find their audiences across the open web. In addition to Aperture, our effective first-party data audience targeting solution, we are excited to offer our clients contextual targeting that provides further opportunities to connect with our high-intent audiences.”

Future Context

Future Context also brings needed standardization to contextual targeting. Advertisers can target Future audiences with segments aligned to the IAB Audience Taxonomy. Future Context additionally provides Future clients with custom contextual targeting at the brand, product, model, or category level.

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