September 19, 2023

Future Partners With Scope3 to Tackle Decarbonization of Digital Advertising Supply-Chain

Scope3 reporting helps Future reduce emissions from digital advertising ecosystem by 74.7%



Future announces it has partnered with Scope3 to measure and help reduce its digital media supply chain emissions.

Scope3 reporting has been the first critical step in helping Future to identify areas to decarbonize its digital advertising supply chain. Future has since made changes to its advertising technology stack resulting in a significant reduction in its environmental impact. Key changes included migrating to PreBid to bring greater simplicity to the header bidding process. Future also used Scope3 reporting to assess and remove partners that generated a greater carbon impact. As measured through Scope3 methodology, these changes resulted in Future driving a 74.7% reduction in emissions from its digital advertising supply chain since March.

Nick Flood, Director of Global Ad Product and Revenue Operations at Future commented, “The carbon reduction we have seen within our digital ad ecosystem is just our first step. We want to be a leading global publisher taking needed action to address our carbon footprint in the digital advertising supply chain, and with Scope3 reporting this has been made possible.“

Zack Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer at Future noted that, “Advertisers can be confident that our digital properties have been assessed by Scope3 as avoiding climate risk. When our advertising partners work with us, they can trust we are compliant with Green Media Product standards.”

For nearly 40 years, Future has been a champion for responsible media, with over 1,300 editorial experts creating original, specialist content trusted by readers. As responsibility ever-increasingly encompasses sustainability, Future is focused not only on being the voice and driving force for change within the communities it serves but also contributing to the overall shrinking of the digital advertising industry’s carbon footprint. Working with Scope3, Future will continually optimize its ad technology stack to ensure greater efficiencies over time.


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