November 24, 2023

Future PLC continues Operation: Future Gives Back with Bassaleg School, Newport

Last August Future launched Operation: Future Gives Back, which showcases the incredible work their teams and brands do for their office communities across their global network. The initiative is a part of the brand’s Our Future, Our Responsibility business pillar aiming to inspire global change. 

To continue the initiative’s great work this year, Future have donated 25 Chromebooks to Bassaleg School, Newport. The additional Chromebooks were donated to the Additional Learning Needs department which will allow a further classroom of children to have the IT equipment needed to succeed in school. 

This year’s donation to Bassaleg school, means Future avoids e-wasting these Chromebooks, the laptops will get a new lease of life and support the education of young people, local to the Cardiff office.

The school thanked Future on their social media saying;

A Huge Shoutout to @futureplc!
We are thrilled to express our deepest gratitude to Future for their generous donation of Chromebooks to our school!
Thanks to their support, we now have a fantastic addition to our existing stock of technology resources, allowing our students to explore, learn, and excel in the digital world. Your contribution empowers us to provide better education and opportunities to our students, making a positive impact on their academic journey. 

 Together, we are shaping the future, one keystroke at a time! ‍‍

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