January 08, 2024

Future unveils cutting-edge ad effectiveness measurement

Future, the global leader in specialist media, today announces the expansion of its Effectiveness Suite.

Future’s proprietary Effectiveness Suite comprises an innovative set of tailored solutions that prove the value of advertising campaigns and branded content initiatives across the company’s vast portfolio of market-leading media brands spanning games, technology, fashion, home interest, and more.

Fulfilling a key industry need

Spearheaded by Future’s in-house expert Insights team and strengthened by positive feedback from brand and agency partners, the Effectiveness Suite addresses the need for more comprehensive cross-platform campaign measurement. Future is providing innovative tools for advertisers to unlock deeper audience insights and optimize campaigns across channels.

Future’s Effectiveness Suite contains three offerings:

Campaign Effect

Future’s in-depth ad effectiveness solution meticulously measures consumer recall, attention and campaign feedback while providing a holistic view of the campaign performance driven by all platforms and channels.

Campaign Effect Lite

Offering a more concise assessment of campaign effectiveness. This solution delivers precise brand measurements and evaluates campaign activities, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Brand Lift

An automated solution designed for digital-only campaigns, measuring four key brand metrics: awareness, consideration, preference, and purchase.

Future Effectiveness Suite logos

“As a premium publisher serving passionate, high-intent audiences, we understand our clients need more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach to measure and analyze the full-funnel impact of their campaigns,” said Matt Trotta, Senior Vice President, US Sales at Future. “Our expanded offering will ensure clients have the data and insights that will help them better understand the return on their investment and the value of our branded content solutions across Future’s portfolio and channels.”

“Future is a prime destination for brands looking to reach consumers during key phases of the customer buying journey,” said Elizabeth Bagdasarian, Senior Vice President, US Sales for Fashion, Beauty & Homes at Future. “With our Effectiveness Suite, we’re leading the way in supplying advertisers with the insights needed to better optimize their campaigns, meet their goals and leverage Future’s differentiated ability to move customers through the purchase funnel.”

Bringing the consumer to the forefront

Anna Norfolk, Senior Insights Manager at Future added, “Measuring effectiveness isn’t just about reach; it’s about understanding where every marketing dollar counts. It’s the compass guiding impactful decisions, ensuring each campaign resonates, engages, and drives real value in an ever-evolving market. We are proud to offer advertisers and agencies a holistic view of a campaign’s impact, bringing the consumer to the forefront of the conversation around success.”

Future’s Effectiveness Suite is available now for advertisers, with over 40 studies having been undertaken since October.

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