July 05, 2023

Future Unveils TechRadar Relaunch

Future, the global platform for specialist media, announced the relaunch of its market-leading technology website TechRadar. With a new identity, optimised homepage and site improvements, exclusive advertising opportunities, plus the launch of its ‘Ask An Expert’ service, which will enable readers to get one-to-one tailored product recommendations from TechRadar journalists.

The Technology Experts

TechRadar has relaunched as ‘The Technology Experts’, to reassure both consumers and advertisers that human expertise and experience underpins TechRadar’s trusted content. The website improvements are based on its extensive research into the impact the cost-of-living crisis has had on tech-buying habits and attitudes, as well as the role TechRadar plays for consumers considering new tech purchases.

Paul Newman, Managing Director, Technology at Future said: “With this exciting relaunch of one of Future’s most iconic brands, we are making it clear to our readers and partners that TechRadar is a trusted source of genuine expertise, backed by over 300 years of human experience – something consumers can depend on while also delivering a high-quality, brand safe environment for advertisers.”

Innovative Advertising Opportunities

The TechRadar relaunch also brings Future’s latest innovative advertising opportunities to market, with new animated homepage takeovers, shoppable widgets and video, as well as exclusive branded content opportunities now available.

Zack Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer at Future, said: “We are excited to launch innovative products that provide unparalleled opportunities for advertisers to engage with tech audiences and help to reinforce TechRadar as the ultimate technology destination.”

Expert, Trusted Content

To reflect consumer sentiment and habits, the TechRadar homepage has been reinvented and optimised so readers rapidly find expert, trusted content relevant to their needs. The homepage categories and site taxonomy have been overhauled to make navigation simpler and the new design provides an improved mobile experience.

Marc McLaren, UK Editor-in-Chief, TechRadar said: “The new TechRadar is all about helping our readers buy, use and enjoy the best technology, so we needed a website that works just as seamlessly to take them where they needed to go.
“To that end, we’ve completely overhauled the homepage, basing it around the product categories people really care about – from phones to laptops to TVs and all points in-between.”

Lance Ulanoff, US Editor-in-Chief, TechRadar said: “With the new TechRadar our team of experts is telling the story of technology, from the moment you learn about an innovation, to your purchase research and through the intense scrutiny of our review process. We continue the journey with vast and deep how-to guidance and analysis about the products and technologies that populate our lives.”
Whatever your tech quest or journey, the new TechRadar is there to guide and walk alongside you.”

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