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Serving nearly 6 million senior executives, thought leaders and industry professionals, SmartBrief is Future’s leading digital media publisher of targeted business newsletters and information by industry.

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Reach business decision-makers with SmartBrief’s unparalleled targeting ability

Tailor your message to a single industry to maximise impact and relevance, and align your brand with hand-picked content from 1000+ vetted news sources.

Custom Newsletters

Created with a combination of technology, editorial expertise and industry knowledge, SmartBrief's custom newsletters curate timely and relevant news to keep busy professionals on top of the trends and best practices that are shaping their fields.


SmartStudio combines SmartBrief's expertise and engaged network of readers interests with your brand messaging. Our team of editorial experts, creative designers and project managers will guide you through the content creation process from ideation to distribution.

Targeted Advertising

Visibility, expertise and relevance - the hallmarks of an industry leader. By distributing the right mix of advertising and content you will get the best of all three, with your name and insights delivered alongside the industry's most important news.

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